Thematic Areas

Sustainable Tourism

Fundecooperación finances Tourist activities, which have less impact on the environment than traditional tourist operators and contribute to the sustainable development of communities.

Sustainable agriculture

Projects in agriculture, grazing, aquaculture, livestock, agro-forestry or transformation processes that improve competitiveness, which promote development and generate changes in traditional production systems by others with less environmental impact.

Environmental Management and Clean Technologies

All types of industry, commerce or agriculture industry to promote new or improved production processes aimed at reducing pollution and process efficiency.

Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Projects that through the application of new technologies produce less energy, pollution and/or reduce the use of fuels or alternative energy sources.

Gender Equity 

Activities of the entire production chain that are developed by women and focusing on a smaller environmental impact.

Public or Private Business Networks

Activities that promote, produce or market products or services, which have better environmental features than the traditional ones, as well as projects with a social impact in rural and/or small producers.

Climate Change

Activities focused on mitigation or adaptation of climate change.