Since it’s establishment in 1994, and thanks to the generosity of the Netherlands, Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible has financed approximately $35 million in projects that promote sustainable development. Fundecooperación made it under the premise of “think globally and act locally”.

We have financed projects under the South-South program, which range from planting organic pineapples in the town of Acosta to increase the pineapple production near Cotonou in Benin. In Western Africa; from planting edible mushrooms in the region of Cerro de la Muerte, improving the information system about biodiversity in Bhutan, Southern Himalayas. And also knowing about the taxonomy of edible insects in Benin.

From the entire financing, about $4 million has been allocated to our most recent program: Tailor-made Financing (Crédito a su Medida). We customize our financing options to meet each projects needs. This includes the securities, terms, and repayments, which have been customized to meet the requirements of each project.

The difference between our credit program in comparison with the traditional programs that are offered by local or international financial institutions is that we have understood that success is not in interests, but in fitting the financing with the project and not the other way around.

“Tailor-made Financing” Program

Designed and established by Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible with very special characteristics to give a chance to those people who, for whatever reason, have little possibility of obtaining financial support within traditional financing systems.

The program is addressed to productive small and medium-sized businesses, -both individuals or associations, devoted to sustainable, and mainly innovative, economic activities. Those activities should contribute to the quality of life, environmental protection, and gender equity.

Credits should be framed within any of the four thematic areas: sustainable agriculture, climate change, cultural value, productive chains, sustainable tourism, gender equity, and clean technologies.

Achievements within the last 10 years

  • We’ve placed ¢6.697,988,771 in credit value.
  • With the total investment, there were 281 projects financed, mostly in the agricultural sector.
  • 83% of the projects were executed in places with the lowest indices of sustained development.
  • 61% of the financed projects (172), were developed by family groups.
  • From the 281 financed projects, 34% (95) correspond to undertakings.
  • 33% of the projects (92) are handed by woman.
  • 49% of the projects handed by women correspond to women hands of household.
  • In total, we’ve financed 92 new sustainable products and 47 sustainable services.
  • 55 companies that were unable to obtain credit are now, thanks to the help of Fundecooperación.


  • Latinoamérica Verde 2016: Recognition of the  “Tailor-made Financing” Program”, as one of the 500 best financial organizations that promote the internalization of the principles and practices of environmental and social management in Latin America.
  • Latinoamérica Verde 2015: Recognition of the project “Promotion of an integrated management and conservation of water resources in the area of ??influence of Térraba-Sierpe National Wetland and Grecia, by strengthening ASADAS and organizations in the community”. A project funded and developed by Fundecooperación, CRUSA Foundation and University of Costa Rica, recognized one of the 500 best initiatives that promote sustainable water management in Latin America.
  • 5to European Microfinance Award Microfinance and the Environment: recognition of the “Tailor-made Financing” Program”  as one of the 10 best financial organizations that foster the development of innovative solutions to global environmental challenges.
  • Fundecooperación is accredited to the Adaptation Fund: In December 2012, Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible was accredited to the Adaptation Fund as the National Implementation Entity, which, through an agreement signed with the Adaptation Fund, proceeds to channel funds donated for the purpose of implementing duly selected and approved adaptation projects.
  • Recognition like one of the best solutions in the Climate Change category, by the “UN General Assembly High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation”. 2011
  • Award for one of the best strategic alliances in Sur-Sur (“Partnership Award”) by the “UN General Assembly High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation”. 2011
  • Recognition to “Tailor-Made Credit Program”, for being one of the best 500 financial organizations that promotes internalization of the principles and practice of the environmental and social management.
  • Recognition to the project “Promotion of the integrated and conservation management of water resources in the influential area of the Térraba-Sierpe and Grecia National Wetland, through the strengthening of the “ASADAS” and local organizations.
  • Microfinance and Environmental recognition to the “Tailor-Made Credit Program”, for being one of the 10 best financial organizations which promotes innovative development solutions to the environmental challenges.