Program of Non-refundable Funds

This program is closed.

The Program of Non-refundable Funds (PFNR, its acronym in Spanish) has been an instrument to achieve Fundecooperación’s goal: help in improving the socio-productive, environmental, and gender conditions of the Costa Rican population. The thematic areas for financing projects and activities were the following:

  • Agroforestry
  • Gender equity
  • Environmental Management and clean technologies
  • Sustainable tourism

In 2008, a study about the 50 towns with the greatest needs in the country, indicated that they are located in the bordering communities. Therefore, it was decided that the funds from the PFNR would be used to support projects on the San Juan River basin and La Cruz district–in the country’s Northern area, and on the Sixaola River basin and the Golfito district –in the country’s Southern area, in order to contribute to improving the life quality of inhabitants of these areas that are so economically and socially depressed.

Moreover, four more special funds were created in 2008:

  • Culture for the development: culture in social and environmental sustainability is another basis for sustainable development. Therefore, by creating a special fund, Fundecooperación promoted a culture of peace among young people, and supported initiatives focused on the historical rescue of local identity. It also provided scholarships for participating in forums.
  • Chira Island: the fund aims to strengthen the capacities of the island’s inhabitants for them to develop productive proposals and also have a regulatory coastal plan.
  • Promotion: the purpose was to promote the technical, marketing, and commercialization support of small-sized companies created by executing projects –both through non-refundable funds and financing. The activities carried out were fairs, trainings, and lectures.
  • Pre-investment: this fund helps supporting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as entrepreneurial groups in regards to feasibility studies and technical training, which gives them the opportunity to submit financing requests in the future.

In total, the funds donated reached the sum of ¢2,061,074,576.75

Distribution of the total funds donated.

Total Funds

Monto en ¢





Funds for culture



Funds for Chira Island

















  • 258 communities benefited
  • 142 associations benefited
  • 1883 families benefited
  • 3138 women benefited
  • 3382 indirect populations benefited
  • 2468 youngsters benefited
  • 430 farms have been sustainably managed
  • 526 producers benefited
  • 139 jobs generated
  • 152 self-employments generated
  • 402 solar systems placed
  • 100 biodigesters have been built
  • 24 water sources have been protected