Board of Directors

Fundecooperación’s executive operations began in 1995 with a Board of Directors formed by five key sectors of the Costa Rican society: nongovernmental organization, civil society, the government (national and local), private sector and academia.

Edgar Gutiérrez Goverment: Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunication (MINAET)
Johnny Campos Loaiza Local Goverment: Municipality of Cartago
 N/D Goverment: Ministry of National Planning and Political Economic (MIDEPLAN)
Federico Zamora Cavallini Private Sector: Costa Rican Union of Cameras and Association of Private Enterprise (UCCAEP)
Lizette Brenes  Academia: CONARE
Alberto Chinchilla Cascante Non Governmental Organizations: ACICAFOC

Marianella Feoli

Executive Director