Products offered by the “Tailor-Made Financing” Program

Financing for Investments

It includes the purchase of properties, construction of business, agricultural purchases, tourist, or service facilities, purchase or construction of commercial, industrial, agricultural, tourist, or service infrastructure; the expansion, renovation, or repair of commercial, industrial agricultural, tourist, or service buildings; purchase of new or used equipment or machinery; and purchase of heavy duty vehicles, and assets in general.


  • Maximum amount: ¢65 millions.
  • Convenient interest rates.
  • Maximum term: according to the nature of the project –up to 10 years.
  • Grace period: according to the activity being financed –up to one year.
  • Mortgages and pledges will cover up to 100% from their actual value, according to the appraisal.

Line of Credit

This includes working capital, which consist out of salaries, purchase of raw materials, assets, Christmas bonuses, and short-term investments.


  • Maximum amount: ¢40 millions.
  • Convenient interest rates.
  • Availability term for the line of credit: maximum 5 years.
  • Occasionally, a grace period may be granted according to the activity being financed.
  • Mortgages and pledges will cover up to 100% from their actual value, according to the appraisal.

Second-tier Banking

This is addressed to organizations, financial entities, cooperatives, and associations whose goal is promoting production capacities –either from the associates and affiliates, or just from specific community groups.

It is established through a main financing, which is managed by the credit’s beneficiary who, at the same time, provides it to third parties, who are the end users of these resources.

The beneficiary will be the one responsible for allocating the resources granted by Fundecooperación and through its allocation policies so that micro-financings are properly used and properly collected.


  • Maximum amount: ¢200,000,000.
  • Maximum term: Up to 10 years
  • Interest rate: Passive interest rate (TBP) + 6.75% annual.
  • No disbursement commission
  • Security: Traditional ones or to be negotiated with the customer.

Micro-financing for Entrepreneurial Women

This program is temporarily closed.

Fundecooperación para el Desarrollo Sostenible has created the Micro-financing for entrepreneurial women program, whose purpose is to support micro-entrepreneurs with quickly-approved financing in order to strengthen their productive ideas and help them become a socioeconomic alternative for those women and their families. It is addressed to women, groups of women or women who are the head of household and who have a type of productive activity, that does not increase the negative impacts on the environment or promotes the improvement of the environment in rural or urban areas.

Micro-financings will be granted for activities regarding sustainable agriculture, agro-industry, sustainable tourism, textiles, trainings, food, maintenance of production equipment, collection centers, purchase of equipment and tools, and alternative medicine.

Financing Amounts

From 300,000.00 colones up to 1 million colones.

Interest Rates

25% annual on balances due.

Approval Term

72 hours once the application form and all the requirements have been received.


  • Have an economic activity.
  • Submit a brief business plan.
  • Fill the application form out including a description of the economic activity being performed.
  • Belong to an organization.
  • Attach, to the application form, pro-forma invoices of the goods to be purchased with the funds.
  • A copy of the personal identification card.
  • A photocopy of electricity, water, or telephone bill.
  • Two recommendation letters.
  • Two commercial reference letters.

Other Services

Training opportunities will be offered to program customers, which makes it possible for them to improve their products’ quality and sales.