In this section, you may access the Fundecooperación policies for sustainable development. They must be followed by all of the financing initiatives and projects at the financial, environmental, social, and gender level. Public and private institutions and external consultants who engage in an activity in an alliance with or with the support of Fundecooperación will be committed to following these policies and to guaranteeing that they are followed when carrying out their activities.

Social, Environmental, and Gender Policy

By means of this policy, Fundecooperación and its employees and allies pledge to perform the activities taking into consideration the environmental, social, and economic impact that the activities may have. They must seek to remove and minimize any sort of negative impact that may prejudice the environment or the stakeholders involved in their activities.

All activities by the Foundation must guarantee respect for the country’s legal framework and for human rights and must seek gender equity and the well-being of all social groups, including vulnerable or marginalized groups. In addition, there must be an assurance that biodiversity will be conserved, resources will be used efficiently,  any sort of contamination will be prevented, and practices will be encouraged that make impossible to confront climate change.

Download the Fundecooperación Social, Environmental, and Gender Policy by clicking here.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics guides actions by our associates by indicating the principles that must be followed when implementing any activities for the Foundation and in relationships with any interested parties. This code defines principles such as integrity, loyalty, discretion, confidentiality, and excellence. In turn, it defines our values: commitment, honesty, respect, tolerance, participation, transparency, and equity.

In addition, it establishes how Fundecooperación, its Board of Directors and its stakeholders should act when using equipment and resources and how to use and manage information. Lastly, the Code of Ethics indicates the process to be followed in the case of a complaint due to failure to follow the Code and the possible measures to be taken.

Download the Fundecooperación Code of Ethics by clicking here.

Zero Tolerance for Fraud Policy

Fundecooperación is committed to the highest possible standards of transparency and accountability in all the activities that it carries out so it has established a Zero Tolerance for Fraud Policy. This policy involves all of the vendors, staff, and allies who work with the Foundation and is an attempt to promote a culture of honesty and opposition to fraud in all its forms. Fundecooperación is committed to investigating any cases of assumed fraud and illegality. If pertinent, the Foundation will adopt disciplinary measures or refer the matters to the pertinent authorities to delve into the investigation, which may give rise to legal actions.

Any person or organization who has ties to the Foundation and who is aware of a possible case of fraud, embezzlement of funds, corruption, terrorism, money laundering, environmental damage, effects to vulnerable populations, or other similar cases must report the situation in the form of a formal complaint. The complaint may be submitted by email to [email protected] or to [email protected], by means of a telephone call, or by filling out the form that is available at this link.

Download the Fundecooperación Zero Tolerance to Fraud Policy by clicking here.

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