We are an organization that promotes sustainable development. We support innovative Costa Rican SMEs that work in harmony with the environment through responsible financing: we support different national and international cooperation projects that promote the sustainable development of the country.

A “Customized Loan” in a financing opportunity to accomplish your entrepreneurial dreams, for micro, small and medium businesses. It provides support for those with difficulty in accessing traditional banks,  that is why it offers innovative accessible loan condition based on your needs. To apply for this loan, just click on  APPLY

If you are an entrepreneur, a productive business person or your activity is sustainable and innovative, Fundecooperación is interested in supporting your project.

To apply for a customized loan, your activity or business must have an environmental, social or innovative component. Start to build your dream, right now. Just fill out the application form at

No, we support both small consolidated businesses and entrepreneurial ideas, so we do not require that you have been organized for more than one year. To the contrary, we support you in formalizing your activity to “achieve your dreams”.

Customized Loans adjust the manner of payment, interest rates and collateral to the reality of each business and its needs, it provides technical and financial advice, responsible credit in the least time and at an accessible cost; making it an excellent option, because it is “customized for the needs of each business.”

  • Our loans range from 500 thousand colones up to 75 million colones, with a maximum ten-year term.

Our financing plans are “customized”; accordingly we analyze each investment plan on an individual basis. If you would like to find out the interest rates available for your specific case, contact us at 2225-4507 or through this  form.   

We make no distinction between physical and legal persons. Our goal is to facilitate access to loans for those with few possibilities of support from traditional financial systems. Whether you are a physical or legal client, you can access your loan by filling out the  application form

We process your application within 7 to 15 days, from the time you submit your application form.

The interest rate is referenced to the Basic Passive Rate, so that it is reviewed quarterly.

There are different payment plans, because at Fundecooperación we analyze each project comprehensively, evaluating the economic, environmental and social benefits. These are calculated based on the total amount of the loan requested, the rate and the payment term.

We also customize collateral in each case, including: mortgage (lots with / without infrastructure), Collateral Security (equipment and machinery) personal collateral (cars and ships), fiduciary guarantee and FIDEIMAS bond  (http://www.imas.go.cr/)

Contact us at 2225-4507, by chat or through  this form.