Fundecooperación has new financing available for SMEs in the Livestock Sector that implement good agricultural and environmental practices.

Fundecooperación  for Sustainable Development announces that it has an exclusive financing called Progreso Ganadero, which is aimed at micro, small and medium livestock producers that implement good agricultural and environmental practices -of adaptation and / or mitigation- in their farms.

Andrea Matarrita Credit Manager of Fundecooperación explains “this financing was born with the purpose of supporting and facilitating access to credit to the livestock sector of dual purpose, breeding, fattening and / or specialized dairy and dairy products, and that differs from the traditional generation a positive impact through the implementation of good agricultural and environmental practices in their farms “.

“In addition, this credit was created with specific characteristics for this sector, such as for example that the credit conditions are tailored to each productive system; and the payment periods are differentiated according to the productive cycle of each farm (specialized dairy – dual purpose, breeding, fattening), Matarrita added.

In addition, Fundecooperación provides support in the application and during the credit process,

Financing. As for the offer of credit of Progreso Ganadero, they are Investment Credit and Line of Credit.

“Investment credit includes the purchase of animals to increase production and / or genetic improvement, Purchase of agricultural machinery, electric fences, water tanks, choppers, kettles and more efficient transport vehicles, Constructions or remodeling, Improved pasture establishment, forage banks and / or division of pastures for rational grazing, Investment for silage cycles (conservation of forages). Purchase efficient equipment and purchase land suitable for livestock, “said Matarrita.

The ranges of this range from 500 thousand to 75 million colones, with a maximum term of 10 years.

On the other hand, Línea de Crédito is a revolutive line for working capital, that is, for the purchase of supplies and materials for cheese and dairies, Implementation of adaptation measures, Labor, Acquisition of permits, patents, trademarks, labels , Genetic Improvement and Pasture Renewal.

And, the amount of the loans goes from 500 thousand colones to 50 million colones, with a term of up to 5 years.

“In relation to the guarantees, these are mobiliarias (dairy cattle and / or reproducers, agricultural machinery-livestock, milking equipment, heaters, refrigerators etc.), mortgage, pledge, guarantees of the IMAS and / or fiduciary,” said Matarrita.

Los fondos de este financiamiento provienen de Crédito a su Medida el cual dispone de más de ¢2.000 millones para este 2018.

Case of success. There are already many SMEs in the livestock sector benefited, among which we can mention the success story of Mr. Gerardo Zúñiga, who is dedicated to the production of semi-entabinado fattening cattle.

 “To Don Gerardo, we supported him by means of a financing for the purchase of 25 heifers, which allowed him to increase the animal load and therefore his production. In addition, he was a beneficiary of the Adapta2 + Program, with funds from the Adaptation Fund, which Fundecooperación manages in the country, where he was provided with 2 KM of hose and a water tank, in order to be able to irrigate a larger area of ​​water. the farm, so he could increase the amount of grass and have more livestock on his farm, “said Matarrita.

For farmers who are interested in benefiting from a loan, they can call 2225-4507, write to [email protected] or go to in the Apply for a Credit section.