We manage funds to support innovative projects with a commitment to sustainable development.

We look for sustainable solutions and innovative projects that help improve society socially, economically and environmentally. We support innovative projects transparently and in compliance with our financial, environmental, social and gender policies.


Our policies must be observed by all public and private institutions and external consultants carrying out activities in partnership with or supported by Fundecooperación.

Our Social, Environmental and Gender Policy

With this policy, Fundecooperación, employees and partners agree to take into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of their activities and seek to eliminate or minimize any negative impacts harming the environment or the key stakeholders in their activities.

All Fundecooperación activities should ensure observance of the country’s laws, respect for human rights, gender equality and the well-being of all social groups, including those that are vulnerable or marginalized. In addition, they should ensure biodiversity conservation and efficient resource use, prevent all kinds of pollution, and foster practices for dealing with climate change.

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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics guides the actions of our employees and gives the principles that must be observed in the implementation of all Fundecooperación activities and relationships with stakeholders. This code defines principles such as integrity, loyalty, discretion, confidentiality and excellence. At the same time, it defines our values: commitment, honesty, respect, tolerance, engagement, transparency and equality.

It also establishes the actions of Fundecooperación, its Board of Directors and stakeholders, the use of equipment and resources, and the use and management of information. Finally, the Code of Ethics indicates the procedure to follow for reporting violations of this code and the potential measures that may be taken.

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Zero Tolerance Fraud Policy

Fundecooperación is committed to the highest possible standards of transparency and accountability in all its activities, for which it has established a policy of zero tolerance for fraud. This policy involves all suppliers, personnel and partners who work with Fundecooperacion and seeks to promote a culture of honesty and opposition to fraud in all its forms. Fundecooperación is committed to investigating cases of alleged fraud and illegal activity and to take appropriate disciplinary measures or refer matters to the pertinent authorities for more in-depth investigation, which could lead to legal actions.

Any person or organization with ties to Fundecooperacion who learns of a potential case of fraud, embezzlement, corruption, terrorism, money laundering, environmental damage, harming of vulnerable populations, or similar cases, is obligated to report the situation by means of a formal complaint, which can be made by email to [email protected] or [email protected], by phone, or by filling out the form available at this link.

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Report Policy Violations Here

We have a whistleblower protection policy. If you have evidence of violations of our financial, environmental, social and gender policies, email your complaint to [email protected] or complete the following form:

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