Adapt2+ is a 5-year program, financed with Adaptation Funds to implement specific actions for adaptation to climate change in Costa Rica. Its objective is to reduce the vulnerability of communities with respect to climate change and improve resilience in productive sectors categorized as critical in Costa Rica: agricultural, human resources, coastal zone sectors and capacity building. More than 40 organizations from the entire national territory participate in the program and it is expected to impact more than 400 producer families, more than 50 water operators that provide water to more than 50,000 persons in the different communities to help them adapt to climate change.

The Adaptation Fund is an international authority that finances projects and programs to help vulnerable communities located in developing countries in their climate change adaptation process. Fundecooperación for Sustainable Development is the National Implementation body for the country before the Adaptation Fund. The program receives support from the Climate Change Department at MINAE and the Agricultural and livestock Ministry.

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Adapta+ contributes to generate results estabilished in national and international instruments that seek adaptation to climate change such as

  1. Sustainable Development Goals
  2. National Development Plan “Alberto Cañas Escalante” 2015-2018.
  3. National Policy of Adaptation to Climate Change of Costa Rica.
  4. Estimated and Determined Contribution at the National Level of Costa Rica.