Customized Credit Opportunities

We promote the development of MSMEs and community organizations by giving them access to customized credit and technical advisory.

Our Projects

We work on connecting international cooperants, local institutions, communities and MSMEs to find sustainable solutions with impact.

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ADAPTA2+ is funded by the United Nations Adaptation Fund to support climate change adaptation programs in developing countries.


Tu-MoDeLo identifies tourism market opportunities for sustainable, climate change-adapted agricultural value chains.


Microfinancing for ecosystem-based adaptation enables microfinance institutions and their customers to build capacities to manage climate risks and implement ecosystem-based adaptation alternatives.

Other Projects

Learn about Fundecooperación’s projects, their impact on people, communities and local entities, and their alignment with the SDGs.

Concrete Results in Sustainable Development

Our foundation achieves concrete results in sustainable development through synergies between international and local cooperants and access by MSMEs to financing opportunities. Working in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, we offer organizational partnering, training and financing for impacting people, communities, projects and the future of our country.

Our Sustainable Work

Learn about our Social, Environmental and Gender Policy

All our policies must be observed by all institutions and external consultants carrying out activities in partnership with or supported by Fundecooperación.

Zero Tolerance Fraud Policy
Code of Ethics
Our Social, Environmental and Gender Policy
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