We provide access to credit for MSMEs that do not qualify for traditional financing, offering customized options and assistance in the different stages of their business development.

We’re looking to improve MSMEs’ credit conditions, so our finance service includes project development advisory. Explore the credit programs we have for you.

Investment Credit

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This credit option finances your purchases of land, new or used equipment or machinery, work vehicles and assets in general, or to repair, remodel, construct or purchase facilities and infrastructure. It also finances the construction of commercial, agricultural, industrial, tourist or service facilities.

Credit Line

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We provide working capital financing for labor, raw material purchases, asset purchases, year-end bonuses, short-term investments and anything else needed for your business operation.

PRO+CLIMA Livestock

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We created this product to help projects working on adaptation to El Nino effects on livestock farms in Guanacaste and the central Pacific area.

The goal is to increase water and feed availability and improve farm conditions and animal health in times of drought and resource shortages.

PRO+CLIMA Agriculture

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We created PRO+CLIMA Agriculture to help with the transformation of agricultural production through the implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in Costa Rica.

Our emphasis is on crops such as coffee, rice, pineapple, banana, oil palm, potato, yucca, sugar, vegetables, etc.

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This calculator will show you the amortization schedule and a breakdown of the payments you’ll need to make for your loan.

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Note: The payments estimated here are to guide customers in their decision to access specific financial products or services and should not be interpreted as showing the final amount to be paid. The final amount is subject to an assessment of the activity, customer profile, and business differentiation (implementation of good environmental, social, and/or innovation practices will be recognized in the interest rate).

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